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Family Support

Mrs Wakes is a highly qualified learning mentor and family support worker with over eleven years of experience who works with our children and families to ensure they receive the very best and appropriate support, advice and guidance from the wider range of children's services.

Every child has the right to access and benefit from the full range of educational opportunity.

However, many pupils and families do experience difficulties at some time during their years at school which will prevent them from learning and achieving their best.  When these problems occur the pupils may need extra support and guidance to help them sort out their issues and work well in school.  Sometimes, we call this bridging the gap and that is just what Mrs Wakes can do.

Support Offered May Include:

Liaise with health professionals and other services to support children/families

Address barriers to learning

Bereavement Counselling

Monitoring of attendance and punctuality

Family Learning

Positive Parenting Programmes

Foodbank Vouchers

Barriers to learning can exist both within and outside the school environment.  Mrs Wakes works closely with pupils, parents and staff to identify the issues that are affecting attendance, concentration, participation, motivation, achievement and self image.  Mrs Wakes can help an individual address these issues and find ways of managing the personal difficulties that interfere with effective learning.