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Sport Premium Funding


Highfield Sports Premium Funding 2017-18 

Highfield Primary School is dedicated to raising standards of PE across school.

We gained our Sainsbury’s School Games Bronze Medal in July 2016, and are applying for the Silver Medal this year!

Research has proven a clear link between health and wellbeing of students and their educational outcomes and this is at the forefront of our PE curriculum.

All pupils are involved in an enriched physical exercise program during curriculum time, which includes a variety of activities designed to challenge and inspire the children. As well as these curriculum activities, Highfield Primary School provides every child with the opportunity to take part in enrichment clubs after school, which again cover a wide range of sports.

Again, research has shown that participation in extra-curricular activities also has a positive effect on attainment and every child is offered the opportunity to join a club.

At Highfield, our aim is to provide children with experiences in sports that they haven’t played before such as badminton, cricket, handball and ‘indoor’ athletics as well as more traditional activities which they enjoy. To help us deliver this, we have used some of the money we have received to pay for expert coaching for the children and professional development for staff at the school. Rees Sport are providing coaching during curriculum time in Key Stage 1 and 2. We have also had specialist clubs/coaching from Bolton Wanderers FC, Farnworth Social Circle Cricket Club and dance teachers/instructors.

During the past year, we identified the following areas to use the Sports Premium Funding funding to ensure that all children at Highfield are provided with high quality sports provision both within and outside of the curriculum. The money this year has been spent on:

  • Employing a specialist PE teacher for two afternoons a week to work alongside teachers when planning, delivering and assessing PE lessons with children to improve the learning and achievement of the children and the professional development of teachers.
  • To provide extra-curricular clubs, provided by Rees Sport, to children across all year groups in a range of different sports and improve the percentage of children attending.

  • To work alongside Farnworth cluster schools to give children opportunities to compete against other schools.

  • To continue to replace and enhance resources in the school used for the provision of PE and Sport

  • To continue to provide additional swimming lessons for all Year 4 children (they will receive a total of 25 sessions over 3 years).

  • To provide a Daily Mile Track on the school field for use by all classes. The aim of The Daily Mile is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances. Research has shown that The Daily Mile can even increase attainment.

A breakdown of spending in 2017-18

Additional swimming sessions for Y4                       £4050

Sports Competitions with cluster                              £500

Sport lessons led by Rees Sport                                 £4650

Daily Mile Track                                                            £11450


Total Spent                                                                   £20,650



Highfield PE and Sport Action Plan 2017-18.pdf
Sports  Funding 2014-15.pdf
Sports  Funding 2015-16.pdf
Sports Funding 2016-17.pdf