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Safeguarding Overview

At Highfield Primary School, we strive to ensure that all our pupils remain safe and free from harm and we are committed to playing a full and active part in the multi-agency response to child protection concerns. 

As part of this committment we have our school policies and guidelines, which can be accessed by clicking here

We also ensure that we follow Government policies and guidelines, which can be accessed by clicking here

At Highfield, we deal with any Safeguarding concerns by following the Framework for Action, as devised by Bolton Children's Safeguarding Board (BCSB).  A copy of this can be found in within our Government Policies and Guidelines section.

When concerns are raised the following model is used to grade level of need and the support/agency to be accessed.


An explanation of each stage is clarified here

Level 1

Extra help from those already involved

      Children with isolated,

unsupported parent

      Children or parents with mental or physical health difficulties

      Children in families where there are indicators of neglectful parenting

      Children identified by schools as requiring additional educational support, including Behavioural, Emotional Social Difficulties

      Children with emerging patterns of unauthorised absences from school

      Children who have started involvement in criminal activities

      Children involved in contact/residence disputes

      Children of parents involved in substance misuse

      Children experimenting with drugs/substances

      Children of parents where there has been some domestic abuse

      Children who have episodes of missing from home

      Families with a high number of children or more than two under five

      Young carers

      Parents not accessing appropriate services

      Parents struggling to manage children’s behaviour or routines

      Children experiencing bullying

      Children disengaged from education, training or employment post 16

Level 2

Require multi-agency response

      Children with increasing Behavioural, Emotional Social Difficulties including self-harm

      Children regularly absent from education

      Homeless young people

      Homeless families or those threatened with eviction

      Children with chronic ill health or terminal illness

      Parents unable to meet their children’s basic needs

      Children in families where there are emerging patterns of domestic abuse

      Carers who have substance misus

        dependency which impacts on their ability to meet their children’s needs

      Children with substance dependency

      Children where there are emerging patterns of them missing from home

      Children who consistently miss medical appointments and/or treatment

      Children consistently not seen by one or more agencies

      Children who may be at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation

      Children where parents are in prison

      Children with Special Educational Needs


Level 3

Complex needs requiring specialist services

     Privately fostered children

     Children in households where parents have multiple problems

     Children with families experiencing a crisis likely to result in a breakdown of care arrangements

     Children in families where there has been one significant episode of domestic abuse or a pattern of Domestic Abuse incidents that are likely to significantly impact on the child’s safety, health or welfare

     Children who are frequently talking about self-harm or where there is evidence of serious self-harming behaviour

      Children with chaotic and or poly substance misuse

      Parents who do not consistently meet the basic needs of their children

      Asylum seeking children

      Children with a disability

      Children previously subject to a child protection plan

      Children who disappear or are regularly missing from home or they go

Level 4

At risk of Significant Harm and may need

Protection or Substitute Care

      Children who are at risk of/are suffering abuse including unborn children

      Children who have non organic faltering growth

      Children whose parents are unable to provide care whether for physical, intellectual, emotional or social reasons

      Children whose behaviour is sufficiently extreme to place them at risk of removal from home

      Children subject to proceedings in the Family Court

      Unborn babies where previous child protection concerns have been identified or siblings have been subject to proceedings in the family court

      Unaccompanied asylum seeking children



Managing Allegations

If a child makes a safeguarding disclosure regarding an adult at school or out of school the following procedure takes place.

First Five Minutes Sept16 (paste as pic)-SAF.pdfFirst Five Minutes Sept16 (paste as pic)-SAF.pdf


Operation Encompass


The purpose of Operation Encompass is to safeguard and support children and young people who have been involved in or witness to a domestic abuse incident. have been involved in or witness to a domestic abuse incident.  Operation Encompass has been created to address this situation. Please click on the icon for more information

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) - click here for more information

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - click here for more information

Forced Marriage - click here for more information​

Prevent Duty - click here for more information




Prevent Duty Policy and Guidelines 2015.pdfPrevent Duty Policy and Guidelines 2015.pdf 


At Highfield, we aim to address Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Forced Marriage and Prevent Duty through effective staff training, sharing leaflets with parents on our school website and by identifying and addressing these issues as and when they may arise by following school procedures and contacting the relevant authorities.